User Agreement

“The GE Appliances Puerto Rico Store is powered by Shopify. By continuing to use this site, you agree to Shopify’s access to any personal data you provide, excluding payment information. Shopify will process your data in accordance with Shopify’s Privacy Policy and reserves the right to transfer your data to third parties. For more information, visit the Shopify Privacy Policy.”

This agreement is subject to change from time to time at the sole discretion of GEA.

1. Participation and Relationship:

o Participation in the GE Appliances Store is a privilege, not a right and may be terminated by GEA with or without notice at any time for any reason.


2. Confidentiality:

o The GE Appliances Store (including all pages of this website) contains confidential and proprietary GEA information, including without limitation, sensitive product, pricing and promotional information and sales and delivery terms ("GEA Confidential Information").

3. Site User Rights and Warranties:

o Site User is entitled to only the manufacturer's product and service warranties set forth via the accompanying hyperlink. Please review these warranties with care before you purchase any product or service. These warranties shall be your sole and exclusive remedy in equity or at law for defective products or services. NO OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, SHALL APPLY.

o Delivery and installation services are offered only if and as available. GEA cannot assure the availability of such services in all regions of Puerto Rico.

o Depending on service availability, GEA may, upon request, help arrange for Site User's benefit the removal and disposal of appliances or other items being replaced by products purchased through the GE Appliances Store. Any person or entity providing such services would be acting as Site User's contracting agent.

4. Breaches, Dispute Resolution and Other Matters:

o Any disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, or the Site User's use of the GE Appliances Store or purchase of GEA products or services shall be governed by the law of Puerto Rico.

o All disputes arising hereunder, including any disputes involving third parties, shall be arbitrated, except for claims by GEA for breach of confidentiality.

o Unless otherwise specified or prohibited by law, the specific manner of arbitration shall be as follows: disputes with amounts in controversy under $3,500 shall be arbitrated by the Better Business Bureau in accordance with their rules and procedures. Disputes with amounts in controversy above $3,500 shall be referred to the Center for Public Resources in accordance with their rules and procedures. Each party shall bear its own costs and expenses.

o For purposes of claims brought by GEA against Site User, such as for credit card misuse, dishonored checks, breaches of confidentiality, etc., Site User consents to jurisdiction in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

o Notwithstanding any other provision of this agreement, damages for improper disclosure of GEA Confidential Information may be irreparable; accordingly, GEA is entitled to seek equitable relief, including an injunction, preliminary injunction or temporary restraining order, in additional to all other remedies prescribed by law;

o In addition, Site User agrees acknowledges and agrees that breach of this Agreement or other applicable terms and conditions will result in the immediate suspension or termination of GE Appliances Store privileges without further notice, at GEA's sole discretion; and

o Site User also acknowledges and agrees that breach of this Agreement or other applicable terms and conditions may be communicated to Site User's employer for such additional disciplinary action as Site User's employer deems appropriate.